Branch Media is a New York City-based company that builds social products to empower conversation.

We are backed by Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Jason Goldman’s Obvious Corp., Jonah Peretti and Lerer Ventures, John Borthwick’s Betaworks, Ron Conway’s SV Angel, and a great group of angel investors.

We build
  • Branch

    Branch is a platform for hosting and publishing invite-only conversations.

  • Potluck

    Potluck is a web and mobile app designed for friends to hang out and talk about cool things they find online.

Meet the team

Hursh Agrawal

Engineering · Co-founder
Hursh aspired to be a professional chef.

Alexsander Akers

Alex likes to think that it’s the pandas that have an unhealthy obsession with him.

Caroline Alexander

Content · Operations
Caroline can sing in 7 different languages.

Libby Brittain

Libby can sing most Bruce Springsteen songs from memory.

Andrew Flockhart

Andrew had a cameo in the intro to SNL for 3 seasons.

Jason Goldman

High school aptitude tests recommended Jason become a tree surgeon.

Cemre Güngör

Design · Co-founder
Cemre’s favorite band is The 2 Bears.

Josh Miller

Product · Co-founder
In middle school Josh rocked Sean Jean velour suits.

Ian Ownbey

In some circles, Ian is known as DJ Dark Dimension.

Julius Tarng

Julius previously designed omelette spatulas and vacuum cleaners.


Engineering or Design
Work with us

Here at Branch Media, we value people who constantly ask questions, embrace their quirkiness, and never stop trying to prove themselves wrong.

We feel pretty lucky to be building products that will change the way people interact online, and we’d love for you to join us!

We’re looking for:
  1. Engineering (iOS/Android/Full Stack)
  2. Product design

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